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These are necessarily the best players of all-time, but rather the guys that I seemed to be the biggest fans of. Whether I identified with their attitude, parts of their game, or was fond of a quirk of their's, each person is on this list for their own reason. I will keep adding to this list as time goes on.

Michael Jordan - This needs no explanationLarry Bird - 2nd only to MJ in a list of greatest trash talkers. Gary Payton and Reggie Miller round out the top 4 
Charles Barkley - Greatest personality in sports

The Seattle Sonics of the 90s - George Karl's teams always broke my heart, but they were my team
Gary Payton - As good a defender as their has ever been, and maybe a better trash talker
Shawn Kemp - During his years in Seattle, he cemented himself as one of the great dunkers of all-time

The New York Knicks of the mid-late 90s - I loved their defense. It embodied where their city
John Starks - My favorite of those Knick teams, oddly enough, defense wasn't his strong suitAnthony Mason - Coolest haircuts ever

Nick Van Exel - Such a unique style. How could you not be a fan?
Allen Iverson - Maybe the toughest player Ive ever witnessedSteve Nash - A 3x MVP in my opinion. Looked like he was playing soccer out on the court
Jerome Williams - Nicknamed "The Junkyard Dog" because he loved rebounding so much
Ray Allen - And when I teach kids how to shoot, Ray Allen is the example given 10 out of 10 times
Carmelo Anthony - A storybook single college season at Syracuse
Nate Robinson - See blog post #14

The Detroit Pistons led by Chauncey Billups - Imagine had they taken Carmelo instead of Darko?
Chauncey Billups - When I teach kids how to play defense, I always say, "Do it like Chauncey does"