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I found this in my email box today...

Kobe was in Shanghai this summer running a clinic for some of the top players in the area.

The first thing he did was schedule the clinic for 4:00 AM.

In his words, "…being up at 4 am adds to the mental toughness". So if you're wondering why I prefer to do Pro Camp so early, this is why. It's a measure of commitment. 

The second thing he did was run the guys through a simple full-court drill… Before emphasizing to them, in no uncertain terms: "That was awful."

But then he dropped the most hard-earned secret to basketball training there is.

The message was simple: 

He stopped the drill, stood right in the middle of the group of players, looked them in the eyes, and explained:

"It's not about how much you practice. It's about how much your mind is present when practicing."

Phil Jackson calls this "Zen"

And it's deep stuff… But more important than anything else you'll ever focus on in basketball.


rec player mom
03/22/2014 5:30pm

I stumble on this blog accidentally but I enjoyed reading blog and the struggles you go through. Good luck on the AAU tournaments and please continue blogging and updates on your players.

03/12/2016 11:49am

It's a really deep stuff, man...


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